• Hotline Indirect Water Heaters

    Hotline Indirect Water Heaters

Hotline Indirect Water Heater [Discontinued]

This product has been archived and is no longer available.

Hotline Indirect

The HotLine Storage Tank teams with a gas or oil-fired boiler to supply residential and commercial hot water needs at terrific efficiency.

HotLine tanks deliver three to five times more domestic hot water than electric or gas fired water heaters, with extremely low standby losses.


  • Heavy-duty steel jacket keeps its great looks for year
  • Two-inches of foam insulation keeps the heat in the tank, not in the basement.
  • Extra-thick magnesium anode-rod protection prevents corrosion.
  • Porcelain-coated, smooth coil and interior walls resist sediment build-up and keeps the efficiency high as the years go by.
  • Three-quarter or one-inch side connections - Your choice.
  • Dielectric fittings at the coil inlet and outlets to discourage corrosion

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