Pennco H2O Glass Lined Indirect Hot Water Heater


The glass lined tank offers a solution in those problem areas where high chloride levels in the domestic water supply can corrode a stainless steel tank. The tank and coil are made of steel, with enamel coating on the surface. The internal coil delivers unmatched performance with a large surface area resulting in high domestic hot water ratings. The tank tapings are 1” to accommodate higher flow rates.


• Easy To Install
• Low Pressure Drop
• Magnesium Anode Rod Corrosion Protection
• Enameled Coated Steel Tank and Coil
• Minimal Standby Losses
• Flexible Scratch Resistant Jacket
• Aquastat Sensor Well
• Temperature Pressure Relief Valve
• Residential Limited Warranty: Tank, 7-years; Parts, 2-years
• Commercial Limited Warranty: Tank, 5-years; Parts, 2-years

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