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FSB Series 3

The Pennco FSB Series 3 now features a Honeywell High Limit/Electronic Ignition Control. The control is recessed under the boiler's protective jacket and features a digital temperature display and diagnostics; plus a plug in connection for the inducer fan and a plug in connection for the system pump. This control monitors the water temperature and delays the burner starting until residual heat has been transferred. This maximizes efficiency by turning on the burner only when needed. The Pennco FSB Series 3 also features an induced draft fan, dependable cast iron heat exchanger and an AFUE of up to 84.4%.


- Assembled Boiler with Insulated Jacket
- Circulator
- Completely Installed and Wired Gas Control System with Titanium Composite Burners and Manifold consisting of: Automatic Redundant Combination Gas Valve, 24 Volt Intermittent Pilot Control, Continuous Retry 100% Shut-Off, Combination Pilot Burner/Electrode/Flame Sensor
- 24 Volt Transformer, Service Switch
- Flame Roll-Out Safety Shut-Off (Fuse Link) and Pressure Switch (Vent Safety Shut-Off) with Spare Fuse Link Included
- Induced Draft Fan
- Combination Temperature/Pressure Gauge
- A.S.M.E. Relief Valve
- Drain Valve


- Natural Gas or Propane
- Fill-Trol
- Thimble
- Sidwewall Vent Hood

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