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16 Series Steam Boilers

16 Series Steam Boilers

With an efficiency of up to 82.7%, the 16 Series features cast iron sections and push nipples. An integral draft diverter protects against harmful back drafts to ensure safe operation. Low water cut-off, pressure limit control and pop safety valve are also standard safety features. The 16 Series incorporates a 6” steam chest which allows the boiler to generate ample amounts of steam. The 2 1/2” supply tappings provide easy access for steam to enter the distribution system and heat your home quickly.


-Assembled Boiler with insulated Jacket
-Completely installed and wired gas control system consisting of:
  • Titanium Composite Burners
  • Gas Manifold with Orifices
  • Automatic Redundant Combination Gas Valve, 24 Volt, with Pilot Filter and Regulator
  • Intermittent Pilot Control
  • Continuous Retry 100% Shut-Off
  • Combination Pilot Burner/Electrode/Flame Sensor and Integral Draft Diverter
-24 Volt Transformer
-Flame Roll-Out Safety Shut-Off Fuse Link(Roll-Out Switch) and Blocked Vent Safety Shut-Off Manual Reset Disc Thermostat (Spill Switch) with Spare Fuse Link included.
-Electronic Low Water Cut-Off with 3/4" Probe
-Pressure Limit Control
-Steam Pressure Gauge
-Glass Water Level Gauge
-3/4" Boiler Drain Valve
-15 psi ASME Pop Safety Valve
-(2) 2 1/2" Supply Tappings
-(2) 2 1/2" Return Tappings
-(2) 2 1/2" Square Head Pipe Plugs – to plug unused supply and return tappings.


-Natural Gas and Propane Conversion Kits Available
-High Altitude Conversion Kits Available
-Electronic Water Feeder

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