15B Series II

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The Pennco 15B Series II now features an integrated Hi-Limit Control, Vent Damper Control and Intermittent Spark Control housed under a protective cover. The 15B Series II features a robust cast iron heat exchanger for longevity and is available in a full range of sizes from 45 MBH to 295 MBH with an 82% AFUE.


- Boiler Jacket
- Cast-Iron Boiler Battery
- High Limit Control
- Vent Damper Relay
- Circulator
- Main Gas Burners
- Combination Gas Control includes: Automatic Gas Valve, Gas Pressure Regulator, Intermittent Pilot, Safety Shut Off, Pilot Flow Adjustment, Pilot Filter
- A.S.M.E. Relief Valve
- Drain Valve
- Spill Switch
- Rollout Switch
- Automatic Vent Damper


- Natural Gas or Propane. 


A compact design, low profile draft hood and top supply piping connections allow for easy installation. The pilot is mounted to the front of the burner base.

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